The Power of Yes / Epidaurus (Greece), August '13

In the lead up to a full staging of David Hare’s The Power of Yes in 2014, French theatre director Bruno Freyssinet presented an extract of the play to Epidaurus Festival audiences. In the framework of the World Crisis Theatre project (WCT), this performance has been presented by an ensemble of young actors from seven European countries and designed specifically for the Epidaurus Little theatre.

When The Power of Yes premiered in London in 2009 English audiences discovered the hidden face of finance and witnessed for the first time the confessions and revelations of bankers. The documentary style of the text and performance reflected the critical issues of that moment and these remain hot topics to this day.

Over time, reports of the crisis have been absorbed by the development of series of greater crises: economic, social and moral. On a European scale there are countless events that are now giving the overall impression of a maelstrom. In order to comprehend the crisis it is necessary to grasp its genesis; however this is not our sole objective.  For us, The Power of Yes is not simply a portrait of the finance world but rather a text that we wish to transform into an experience via the creation of a social and theatrical laboratory.

How will a group of young European performers and their audiences react to the rhetoric of those whose behaviour triggered the first economic crash? Are they willing to accept the well known justifications? How will they respond to ‘spin’ tactics of those ruling our economic structures? Will these young people become upset, disillusioned, outraged, disgusted?  And what about us?  The audience? Will we feel helpless, confused, lost, amazed? Will we take shelter behind cynicism or will we consider action, by standing up and speaking out?  In this sense, The Power of Yes is a provocation; a challenge to us as individuals, to our sense of community and to our vision of the future. 

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