Bruno Freyssinet, designer and director

artistic director of Transplanisphere projects

Bruno Freyssinet was trained at ENSATT (National School of Performing Arts) and at the Fémis – Screenwriting Workshop (National School of Cinema).

He is the artistic director of the company Transplanisphere projects. They question major themes of society through theater and through international cooperation supported by the European Commission.

In a few years, his work as a director opened up to the design and management of international projects. It has thus multiplied the experiences of cooperation, particularly with organizations or institutions that do not work in the same disciplinary field. He has also developed relationships with schools and universities (including Sciences Po Paris with 8 collaborations on different projects with students, and where he teaches in Master of Public Affairs and European Affairs, Culture Program / Sciences Po European Heritage Prize).

2011-2012. Bruno Freyssinet develops his first cooperation project with the support of EU (Culture Program). Rec>ON is a cooperation between artists from Turkey, Armenia, Germany and France on the theme of Reconciliation. This project runs from January 2011 to June 2012 in the 4 partner countries. He notably gives birth to the play Les Descendants (Aquarium, Cartoucherie) which he stages. The European Commission uses this project as a reference in 2012 in its brochure Audience Development and Bruno Freyssinet is speaker in Brussels at the European conference on this theme.

The Descendants, Yerevan (Armenia), Oct. 2012

2011-2014. The World Crisis Theater project questions the financial crisis and its political and social consequences in Europe, in the context of the economic crisis and the debt crisis. World Crisis Theater associates 6 other European countries (Greece, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Iceland). Bruno Freyssinet writes and directs The European Crisis Games, which toured Europe in April 2014 (in Paris at Carreau du Temple, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Portugal). The project includes a curatorial component with the creation of plays in each participating country as part of the partnership, and Bruno Freyssinet is the artistic director. It also includes an academic component with a student meeting associating Sciences Po Paris, Freie Universitat Berlin, London School of Economics and Galatasaray Istanbul.

The European Crisis Games, Evora (Portugal), April 2014


For one of the actions of this project, Transplanisphere works in collaboration with the Chapiteau de la Fontaine aux Images in Clichy sous Bois (France). With a group of Sciences Po students and amateurs from the public of the Chapiteau, a series of workshops are organized between Paris (Carreau du Temple) and Clichy, with the support of the Citizen Projects of the Ile de France Region.

An Art-Science project is also developed with Des vues de l’Esprit based at Paris Sud University (Orsay). Crisis au Ventre resulted in a public workshop at Carreau du Temple and the creation of a digital art work broadcast at Carreau and Sas (Paris Sud, Orsay).


2013-2015. Bruno Freyssinet is leading a new European cooperation project, One Land Many Faces, on the idea of European identity in the context of European countries in crisis of identity (Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, France). Creation in January 2015 at the Carreau du Temple and tour in September in the other 5 countries of the partnership.

One Land Many Faces, Berlin (Germany), Dec. 2013

This project has included in its initial partnership the French Institute’s new cooperation office, the first European cooperation signed by this entity.

2014-2016. Bruno Freyssinet collaborates in the design and artistic direction of Hotel Obscura, an Australian project of cooperation with Greece, Austria and France. He questions the place of the hotel in the public space and the fantasies that it conveys. For this project, he acts as a pedagogue (especially during a European workshop at the FAI-AR Higher Education for Art in the Public Space / Marseille) and curator (by participating in the selection of young French artists invited to create in situ works for the project in the other participating countries). Finally, he is one of the 4 designers and directors of an in situ show created in the Hotel Best Western in Tours (France) in February 2016.

From September 2013 to July 2015, Bruno Freyssinet is in residence at Carreau du Temple to develop his European projects. In this context, his company was a member of the International Cluster Ile de France which brought together actors from the Paris region who are internationally oriented (notably The Idf Region – International Unit, Arcadi, the French Institute, Relais Culture Europe …). He also accompanied some actions of the Incubator Young Talents Carreau du Temple, including the sensitization of young artists Ile-de-France to cooperation projects.

2016-2019, Bruno Freyssinet is the artistic director of the Polart Circle project: a platform of partners on a European scale involving artistic companies, universities, civic NGOs, youth integration associations. The activities bring together artist-educators, teachers, experts and young people interested in the relationship between art and politics. They are conducted over 3 years and consist of workshops, research, residencies, production of web content (Mooc) and events.

  1. With the Transplanisphere, Bruno Freyssinet joins the sas (airlock) – science-art-society, a group focused on research, design, production and distribution of artistic and scientific works. The sas aims to develop a culture of science-art-society project, to promote a scientific and artistic culture and to support art-science projects. In 2017, a sas experience has been led at the City of Science and Industry. It brought together scientists, artists, teams and the public of the City to undertake experiments and collective creations.


In 2017, he worked for the first time with Smaïl Kanouté (choreographer and graphic designer) and staged his first solo Les Actes du désert, in residence at Mains d’Œuvres, at 104 and Carreau du Temple. The Acts of the Desert explores the initiatory journey of a young Malian man who leaves his country and crosses the desert to reach Europe. The project has already had some intermediate presentations, notably at Mains d’Œuvres, the Institut du Monde Arabe and Point Ephémère.

Les Actes du désert, Mains d’Œuvres (Saint Ouen, France), Novembre 2017

Here We Are / L’Appeso, Rocca Sinibalda (Italy), Aug. 2016


The company also developped Trust, an art platform that questions the relationship between Europeans and Migrants. How to provoke cross-artistic collaborations to displace difficult local community relations by placing them in the European field? How to write another story between Europeans and Migrants, which goes beyond crises, fear and intolerance towards the creation of common? (5 experiences have already brought together 100 young Europeans and young migrants as well as Italian, German, Portuguese and French artists for a series of workshops (August 2016 and 2017 in Leonessa and Rocca Sinibalda Italy, March 2017 Paris, April 2018 Dortmund, August 2019 Rocca Sinibalda ).

Since 2018, Bruno Freyssinet participates in the Grow from Seeds project initiated by the Gaiety School of Acting (Dublin, Ireland). He is writing in tandem a play to facilitate language learning for newcomer children. The project lasts 2 years on 2018-2019, and is supported by Erasmus +.

He also particpate to Open European Societies imagined by Jugend- & Kulturprojekt / Dresde, Germany. A project supported by Europe for Citizens